What’s Better Way of Hotel Booking: Social Media Channel or Booking Engine?

Brands are working hard to target audiences on social media because strength of these networks has increased in the contemporary time and they have become more powerful to attract audiences and to bring customers. This is not a magnetic effect but power of interaction on these media that binds audiences to business. A recent market research has shown that hotel brands are trying to perform better by conversing with their customers on social media. It is not just Facebook but other popular platforms like Instagram that make influence on hotel customers. We can’t exactly say whether this is the right way to think for hotel owners, but many hoteliers feel that social media interaction is the best way to create more bookings.

Real strength of social media for hotel business

We are not digging deep in this discussion, but it is important to know the real strength of social media for hotel business. There is a common argument that ROI in social media is hard to determine, but its use is surging in hotel industry. The social media activities and performance for hotel industry have not shown proven results. The hotel booking system on Facebook launched few years back has not shown promising results so far. This depicts that hotel industry has not achieved great performance through interaction on social media channels, though some hoteliers are still in favor of use of social media platforms.

Social media channel vs booking engine

Reservations.com links hotel booking system on Facebook, but this system has not been thoroughly reviewed. The results on social media are not encouraging because most travelers have preference of hotel’s own website or hotel booking engine site to make hotel room reservation for their travel trip; the latter is relatively more preferred to make hotel selection. While social media hotel booking system has not progressed, more hotel booking engine sites are likely to develop in near future. We can’t say whether social media remains unsuccessful for hotel industry.