Ways to Lower your Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease is the major factor of death among Europeans and Americans, based on the statistical study of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Is it quite scary? Perhaps, yes!  But what is a heart disease?

Cardiovascular disease is a general term used to describe a range of disorders that affect the heart’s structure and function. Mr. Roberto Casula helps you recognize the stress risk factors for heart diseases. Although cardiovascular diseases are life threatening and turns fatal when not treated by the right surgeons like Mr. Roberto Casula, yet there are ways to prevent and keep the disease in control.roberto casula

Preventive Measures to Control Cardio Vascular Disease

To have an enhanced heart health, there are ways with which you can lower your heart disease risk by taking these measures

  • Quit Smoking – Cigarette smoking raises your blood pressure level and you are at higher risk for heart attack and stroke. If you are a non-smoker then it is a good news. However, people who have the habit of smoking should definitely put an end to their habit to improve your heart functionality
  • Keeping your blood pressure in control– According to Roberto Casula, increased blood pressure is one of the major factor for causing heart related ailments. You need to take charge of your lifestyle by having a regular workout and maintaining healthy diet to keep your blood pressure in control. Regular checkups with your physician also helps in keeping track of your blood pressure range.roberto casula

To Sum it up

 Exercise has several profits that involves firming your heart and promoting your circulation. It is not essential that you have do rigorous workouts, yet stick on to simple exercise every day, a minimum time of 20 min to stay healthy and live happily.