Titanium Enhances Military’s Operational Efficiency

Our earth has abundance of natural resources, but we are unaware of their presence in the earth’s crust. Many discoveries have been made in the past couple of centuries. Titanium (Ti) was not known until end of the 18th century before its discovery. Titanium came to be one of the precious elements found in the earth’s crust. Ti tubeTitanium may not be as precious as gold in terms of the money value, but its performance value is much more than gold, especially for the industries that make use of this element for various applications. Titanium is, in fact, more demanded metallic element than any other metallic element.

In what way, titanium is efficient element

The first isolation of this element from its ore ilmenite was done in 1910 by an amateur chemist who was successful in isolating an oxide of titanium in impure form. The extraction of titanium from its ore is a tough affair, and it’s expensive, but its applicability such as making of Ti tube is created after extraction. It is used in both light and heavy applications, and as better substitute of steel or any other material for equipment construction. The credit goes to the properties of titanium such as high-strength, low-weight material with high corrosion resistance.

Titanium enhances military’s operational efficiency

Ti tubeThe use of titanium is prominent in civil and military applications. The development of Ti tube has offered strength and easy transportability to military equipment. Titanium and titanium alloys are stronger and lighter compared to that of steel, and also keep them free from maintenance work. Every country contributes substantial portion of national budget in strengthening its defence system. Titanium enhances the operational efficiency of military equipment and thus, making efficient utilization of defence budget.


Military equipment such as armor plating, missiles, aircraft parts, naval ships, and many more using Ti tube contribute to strengthening of defence mechanism. This also strengthens military forces and offer better protection to the country.