The Website That Deals with All Your Australia ETA Issues

Many international visitors intend to visit Australia, but they feel restricted due to visa issuing requirements. There’s an easy way for these travelers and that is visa waiver. You might not be familiar with Australia’s visa waiver program, but this program is in force since 1996. Under visa waiver program, a traveler to Australia is eligible to land in this country through Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), an electronic document that allows visa-free entry by linking to your passport. The permission to ETA traveler to stay is allowed for up to 90 days only at a time for tourist or business activities.

A single website for all Australia ETA issues

The complete details of ETA document are available on This is the website where you can know your eligibility, make your online application for ETA and make any query when you have some confusion. This single site of Australian government deals with all issues pertaining to Electronic Travel Authorization.

The restrictions on ETA document

The ETA works like a visa, but not a visa and is without benefits of visa. It is also not a study or work visa because the conditions of this document won’t allow you to do more than just tourism or business visitor activities such as attending a conference, making business enquiries, or for contractual negotiations. The validity of this document is also limited to 12 months for multiple short stays of up to 90 days at a time.

Why should you use government website?

Why should you use for ETA information and application? This is the only government website you can trust upon. All informations provided on this website are authenticated and updated from time to time. The fee you pay on this website goes in the right account. Your application processing is greatly reduced on this website. So, you don’t make a mistake of applying for ETA on any other website that you can’t trust.