The Tie-Up with IFCJ Looks Promising For Several Impoverished Jews of Soviet Union

The need for a charity program dedicated to the Jewish community was becoming more and more critical as they were getting detached from mainstream society due to lack of financial strength. The torture faced by the community is known to every one of us from the movies based on world war; this particular group of people never wholly recovered from that horrific experience.IFCJ

This saw the birth of IFCJ under the leadership of Rabbi Epstein who wanted to do something good for his people. The Jewish and Christian community never saw eye to eye due to the long-standing mistrust between them. The program did some exceptional work to bridge the gap and bring the two communities together than they previously were.

The partnership with JDC:

The fellowship program expanded its horizon and started working for the betterment of the Jewish people across the globe. The rehabilitation program in the former Soviet Union and certain African countries gained a lot of popularity over the years. Recently, IFCJ partnered with JDC to help the estranged Jews in the former Soviet Union with food, shelter, and medicine. The people who are still living in the former Soviet Union needed some severe financial backing to maintain a basic standard of living.

 The reported budget for the program is in the region of 50 million US dollars which can help thousands of impoverished Jews living in the country. The official website of JDC archived several stories of elderly Jewish people with the story of how financial aid enabled them to improve their living condition.IFCJ

The controversy involving IFCJ:

The IFCJ has several other commitments across the globe to help impoverished Jews around the world, but even they brushed with controversy a few years back. The famed Rabbi was accused of money laundering, but all the reports were thrown out due to lack of evidence.