The Horned frog and its unique traditions

When it comes to the question of mascots, it may seem a tad quixotic that the Texas Christian University has the horned frog as one. in reality, the University mascot happens to be the horned lizard but over the years, it had managed to get a name change. The horned frog is the official mascot of this prestigious University, and it certainly comes with its own share of strange and quixotic traditions; and if you are planning to enroll in this University, you should naturally want to take a closer look at some of those traditions and what they stand for.texas christian university class ring

The howdy ceremony:

The University awards students with the Texas Christian University class ring after they have qualified for the same. But before that, the new incoming freshmen are often greeted by their seniors during a simple ceremony called the Howdy ceremony where they are each awarded with a chain containing a replica of the Texas Christian University Class ring. The replica should motivate each student to try and work hard so as to meet the basic qualifications, for the class ring. It certainly helps to foster the spirit of comradeship between the students and the rest of the University.

The ring presentation:

texas christian university class ring The University sets up a special ceremony, a ring day, to award qualified students with the prestigious Texas Christian University Classring. If you have qualified for the same, you would be required to present yourself with your family and loved ones, to proudly receive the ring, as your name is called out. Live at the TCU campus is indeed a worthwhile experience as the students learn a lot more about the world and the TCU way of life. Furthermore, the University with its unique traditions and programs such as the Fall concert, helps to bring the student body together.