What Makes IFCJ One of the Best Nonprofit Organizations in Israel?

Among all the private organizations that have helped a lot in the overall development of the war-affected Israel, IFCJ is a name well-known in the global sector. Based in Chicago, USA, this philanthropic nonprofit institute has worked rigorously for the uplift of the vulnerable populace of the nation. Their primary aim is to make the relationship between the Christians and the Jews better and stronger. The basic features of this organization that make it popular are discussed below:

Foundation on a noble cause

The foundation of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews took place in 1983 when the Canadian Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein felt the need of an active group for carrying out his humanitarian missions. The primary aim of the rabbi was to reduce the hostility between the Christians and the Jews and to help the Jewish community in the countries where their existence faced troubles. According to the IFCJ reviews, Rabbi Eckstein was moved by the plight of the Jews in the war-affected Israel and wanted to do something effective for them. Under his supervision, the organization became successful in establishing a bond between the evangelists and the Jews.

Massive fund-raising and efficient services

The reason for which IFCJ ratings remain top-ranking is its ability to collect a huge amount of money for the help of the needy. Apart from collecting donations from the evangelical and other Christian humanitarian organizations, they have made use of modern technical methods such as television ads, campaigns, etc in order to receive funds. Their success in raising more than $140 million per year has been rewarded in a good IFCJ rating and they have been declared as being one of the largest philanthropic nonprofit organizations in Israel.

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