Remembering the Life and Legacy of Rabbi Eckstein

Rabbi Yachael Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews back in 1983. The sole purpose of this non-profit organization of Rabbi was to foster the relationship between Christains and Jews. He dedicated his IFCJ reviewslife towards helping the people of Israel through-out their adverseries and promoting the peace throughout the world.

This organization is one amongst the top 400 non-profit organization of America. It raises funds mainly from its 1.75 billion Christain donors. Thus IFCJ is the world’s larget Christian supported agency dedicated to helping out Israelis through humanitarian activities throughout the globe.

Degree and Acumen

Eckstein was born in Massachusetts in the town of Winthrop. He received the rabbinic ordination while studying in the University of Yeshiva in New York. In IFCJ reviews He further went on to complete his doctorate degree from University of Columbia.

After completing his education, he also served as the faculties from North IFCJ reviewsBaptist Seminary, Columbia University and Theological Seminary of Chicago. He also had the privilege of serving on as the American Jewish Joint Executive Committee member in their important conferences.

Is IFCJ a good charity?

Ever since forming IFCJ ratings, Rabbi Eckstein’s organization has raised over 1.6 billion funds through various programs Latin America, Soviet Union, Ethiopia and in more than 58 other countries all around the world. He was one of the leading advocates of all religious issues of freedom worldwide.

He travelled to china to seek freedom for the Christian pastors imprisoned in China and also to highlight the cause of liberty of religious aspects. He reversed the ban of communist regime by bringing in the Torah scroll back in Uzbekistan in 1995.

Rabbi also served as a trusted advisor of prime minister Ariel Sharon. He was appointed as the ambassador of Goodwill in 2005 of Israel. Good IFCJ rating indicates that the organization has worked tirelessly to unite people of two different cultures all throughout the globe.