Learn about IFCJ through ratings and reviews

International fellowship of Christians and Jews is a non-profit organization that is working to promote better understanding between the Jews and Christians and also support the Christians who are in Israel. It receives a huge amount of funds from the Christians globally. The funds received are well utilized by these people to carry out humanitarian activities. There are many positive reviews on the IFCJ ratings site that is given by the donors who have donated the money. In addition, the watchdog sites have given a good rating for the site for being transparent and accountable. IFCJ ratingsThese people will publish the financial information and how they have spent the funds clearly on the IFCJ ratings website. They also provide the physical address of their office along with the phone number to let the donors clarify their legitimacy.

This IFCJ charitable organization was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein in 1983. Since the inception, it has grown leaps and bounds and gained the trust of many donors. This charitable organization receives millions of rupees to run the organization from the people globally. The funds are used to eradicate poverty and distribute hot meals, medicine and food to the elderly and children who are victims of terrorism and war attacks. IFCJ ratingsThey also provide aid to the Israel soldiers and offer job training assistance to the immigrants of Israel. These IFCJ ratings people are shedding light on the lives of many people by carrying out various philanthropic activities. They spend most of the money in serving the needy and little amount of money to conduct fundraising events to raise funds for running the charitable organization smoothly. This charitable organization has board directors of 11 members who would be working towards achieving the goal of strengthening the relationship between two communities, i.e. Jews and Christians besides resolving the disputes in an amicable way. This also offers a tax exemption option to the donors.

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AExpertise Areas of cardiothoracic surgeon Mr Roberto Casula

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Some important points regarding robotic surgery

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Global Demands Require Enough Resources

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How does IFCJ Ratings Make a Difference to Their Growth?

Founded by Rabbi Eckstein in the year 1983, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, also known to the world as IFCJ is one of the only four hundred charitable institutions that devote their work to make the relationship between Christians and Jews harmonious and make the condition of Israel better by supporting them.

IFCJ ratingsIFCJ is dependent on the donations made by voluntary donors who want to contribute to the cause and over the years IFCJ has reached a position where it collects over $125 million annually from 1.75 million donors. Statistics say that, IFCJ is also the largest Christian supported charitable body working towards Jews and Israel.

What are IFCJ ratings?

IFCJ ratingsThe reviews put in by independent individuals and third-party organizations form the basis of the ratings. The ratings give a clear idea about the working structure and a transparent look at the financial condition of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The ratings help donors decide the genuine nature of the work done by the organization and keep a track of where they spend the money collectively donated by all donors. With a deeper knowledge, it becomes easier for a donor to trust the organization and make future donations.

What are the importance of IFCJ ratings?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) believe in having a transparent image to its audience so that they can keep accountability for all the money they are spending which have been donated by their donors over the years. By giving a transparent access to the donors, they build a stronger trust of their donors with the fellowship and ensures that they keep continuing to get more donations for all future years.  The ratings along with the annual financial reports and the work done by the fellowship are the major reasons responsible for the success of IFCJ.

Yael Eckstein is a Living Example of Determination

Yael Eckstein is the Senior Vice President of the Israel-based International Fellowship of Christian and Jews (IFCJ) and she is doing everything that is in her capacity to make Jews return to Israel and live a dignified life. Her organization has many programs that are being carried out worldwide in a very directed manner.

Yael EcksteinShe is also very much oriented towards the belief that Jews and Christians of the land must be provided with justice. Especially those of them who had to bear much discomfort during the earlier era on account of displacement, terrorism, holocaust, etc.

It can also be mentioned here that it is not Yael Eckstein but her father, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who developed the organization which is now being run by her. Even many ministries share the vision of this organization and are working in that direction. Some other pertinent points are also mentioned here.

  • She herself has visited troubled areas – As a privileged citizen, that has not kept Yael Eckstein to stay back in her safe house. Rather, the lady has traveled to the restive Northern border where there is a threat of war at all times. She has traveled there to meet the elderly, children and the immigrants and to deliver life-saving supplies needed by them. It speaks a lot about her courage and strong conviction towards humanity and humanitarian causes.
  • Yael Eckstein
  • There seems to be a strong determination – Although the lady is a mother of three yet that has not stopped her from performing her social duties. The battle against discrimination, poverty and terrorist threats that was started by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is only being taken forward by her and her organization and it is sure to show good result for the people of the country in the near future by through her deeds.

At the moment, it can only be said that more people should join her and strengthen her cause so that a noble aim can be fulfilled in the most correct manner.

Why do people love to book accommodations online?

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Everything you need to know about Yael Eckstein Works

Yael Eckstein is appointed as the President of the Global Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The institution has its headquarters in Chicago and Jerusalem.  She was born to Rabbi Yael Eckstein in Evanston, Illinois.

Yael Eckstein

As President of The Fellowship, Yael Ecksteinadministersthe ministry agendas. In addition she also serves as the international spokesperson. She is a learned professional earning degrees in biblical studies in various universities such as ToratChesed Seminary in Israel, Queens College in New York, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Yael is a published writer and respected social reformer; her famous works include Holy Land Reflections (2012) and Spiritual Cooking with Yael (2014). The holy land reflections is a 24-page devotional booklet on key women of the Bible and their character traits. It is a collection of inspirational insights from Israel by the author.  The author says that, “I highly commend you calm down in with a cup of something and realize the loveliness and motivation of these pages”. The book portrays the historical a biblical insight on every page. Many viewers consider this book as a personal journey through Israel   that took the readers on an extraordinary journey through Israel.

Yael Eckstein

More than a million people are arrested each year for driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are one among them and get arrested for drink and drive infringement what you will do? There are many such instances dealt in the Spiritual Cooking book of Yael Eckstein. Similarly most people do not understand that there does not need to be a parting between material and mystical engagements. Any material action can be converted into a mystical realization with the appropriate contemplations and objective.

This book is a blend of simple recipes integrated with bible verses, teaches and many more!