Importance of Charity & Prominent Personalities in This Field

When we are keen to learn literature on benevolent causes and activities, there is no plethora of results on online sites. There is too much written and published about prominent individual donors, non-profit organizations, the fellowships like IFCJ, and communities or religions that believe and work for charitable causes. Charity is a broad term, not restricted to just monetary help but extending to activities that help in many other ways. The prominent example is World ORT that promotes education and training in communities worldwide.

Importance of charity and famous personalities in this fieldIFCJ

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is engaged in fundraising and World ORT and its national branches are engaged in charity in a different way. Yechiel Eckstein was an individual who spent his life to help others for charitable cause. Mother Teresa, a Nobel laureate and an unforgettable name in charity, was a Roman Catholic, but too much is discussed about her in Jewish literature. She didn’t have money, but was supported by prominent donors and organizations for her great charitable cause. Here comes the relevance of charity in Christianity and Judaism. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein were prominent figures in the field of Jewish charity.

What we learn from them

Mother Teresa is in the heart of everyone. The IFCJ reviews have plenty of information about the activities and efforts of Eckstein. Every personality engaged in the field of charity worked in his or her own way, but the mission was common, to help the poor and needy, either monetarily or otherwise. Rabbi Eckstein is a legendary figure, who will be remembered forever. The memories of Rabbi Eckstein are fresh after his death recently, but his memories will be a source of inspiration for many Jewish, Christians, and others to dedicate their life and wealth for benevolent causes. When future generations will learn from the history, the world will help the poor and needy to let them survive and grow.