Book of the Month Club Mission Achieved Through Its New Format

There was a time when the name of legendary Book of the Month Club was erasing from the minds of the people in New York. When something becomes old, the process of obsoletion is initiated. There is always a generation gap due to non-compatibility between past and present generation, but this gap can be plugged by filling it with new concept and ideas like John Lippman did for Book of the Month Club. The Club embraces its mission of helping readers discover great new books since the times it commenced its business in 1926.

The idea of Lippmann for BOMC relaunch

John Lippmann acquired its parent company, Bookspan, in late 2012 and set out to create a new business that would appeal to readers who increasingly buy books online. The company originally had a mail-order business that was not appealing to the millennials and other young people who spend their most time on the internet. Amazon had already offered opportunity to them to buy books online. Lippmann had a plan of remake of Book of the Month Club when he bought this club. The new format was designed to create appeal to readers who increasingly buy books online.

The implementation of Lippmann’s idea

John Lippman shifted all present members of Book of the Month Club who had been receiving its mail-order catalogue to Bookspan’s Literary Guild club and initiated with the process of developing a new Book of the Month that exists only online. Potential customers receive membership offers through various social media channels and all ordering is done online. The new format of the Club has thus, redesigned customer experience that was the goal of relaunch of the Club that was accomplished through relaunch.

What BOMC members get from new format

What customers get from the new BOMC format? Apart from online selection, the members can choose until seventh of the month from five new selections announced by the club’s judges on the first of each month. The member would receive this selection as Book of the Month.