AExpertise Areas of cardiothoracic surgeon Mr Roberto Casula

In the field of minimum invasive and minimum access cardiothoracic, Dr Roberto Casula is proficient and aims in conducting effective cardiac operations with the minimum invasion of chest in patients. In most cases, the usage of cardiopulmonary bypass instrument is avoided.

Roberto CasulaAt present, operations of the aortic valve can also be carried out in appropriate cases without using a CPB machine.

Advantages of using minimum invasive techniques

  • Good cosmetic advantage
  • Reduces the trauma of surgery, which is beneficial for a patient
  • Minimum or zero incisions of bone is required
  • Reduces the chances of blood transfusions
  • Reduces the usage of post-surgery pain killers
  • Faster chances of healing after surgery and more involvement in daily activities


  • As compared to traditional procedures, minimum invasive techniques are Roberto Casulatechnically challenging.
  • Well trained surgeons are needed with dedicatedly trained and learning curves
  • Expensive surgery because of surgical tools and technology

Some important points regarding robotic surgery

  • There are a few situations of patients where these techniques are not at all recommended. If any patient suffers from acute chest deformities, these techniques are avoided. During the first consultants, the surgeon checks the patient’s physical condition and then recommends procedures. Only an expert surgeon with good experience of years can give an exact opinion.
  • Robotic techniques are complex and require modern technologies for carrying out the operations. It is recommended not to choose any surgeon who does not holds years of experience on minimum invasive operations.
  • While visiting Mr Roberto Casula clinic for the first consultation anyone must produce medical reports related to coronary angiograms and echocardiograms.
  • A well-experienced minimum invasive surgeon can conduct a minimum invasive operation in the same expected time as of traditional surgeries.
  • Anyone must gather enough information regarding these techniques of robotic operation or minimal access before undergoing an operation as cardiac operations are one of the serious events in anyone’s life. One can ask for photocopies of the test result for consultation.