Tips to wear a class ring

A class ring is a piece of jewelry that is worn by the students in the alumni as an honor of completing their high school, college or university education or even the military academy. There are many online stores which are customizing the class rings as per the university or college student requirements. These are available in different styles, designs and colors. You can choose the one that reflects about your school or college. shsu class ringMany students will personalize these rings by having one side of the ring with the name of the college and the other side with the year and degree they have completed successfully. The class rings will be different for both male and female students. However, the person who is wearing this shsu class ring will follow etiquette in public.

Here are a few tips to wear this shsu class ring

Consult the designer of the ring: You can get in touch with the ring designer when you have any doubts related to the ring design. There are many schools and universities which have tied up with the few ring designers who would craft the rings either using gold or silver material or the sales representatives of these stores will answer your queries about the etiquettes to buy the best ring that showcases your academic success.shsu class ring

Research thoroughly about the customs and traditions of the college: You should do research on the customs and traditions of the college thoroughly. There is a different practice on how to wear these rings. This differs from college to college. There are a few colleges which will ask its seniors and junior students to wear the ring in a particular direction until the commencement day.

Wear the class ring on right hand: You can wear this to the right finger on your right hand so that the left ring figure would be free to adorn your engagement ring.