The designation and growing fame of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein father of Yael Eckstein became the president of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews after he founded the same in the year 2016 in Jerusalem. Since then the foundation has collected a huge sum of money from people especially with Christianity background who were in favor of Israelis going through a crisis.Yael Eckstein

The sum raised by the organization was more than 1.5 billion Dollars. This brought the evangelical Christians living abroad closer to the Israelis. He died at the age of 67 and his position was filled by his daughter Yael Eckstein. The death of the legendary identity was declared by his philanthropic organization, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

This organization founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was built for a generous cause and was a non-profitable organization that grew to become one of the largest in Israel. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was a social activist and a Zionist. His followers and close relatives and friends described him as a bridge builder.

The fame and designation of Rabbi in future became the title of a biography authorized and published in the year 2015. The Jews were not clear about the motives and intentions of Christians who contributed largely to the organization of the Israelis.

At that time the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews cleared all confusion and doubts from the mind of people and gradually started raising huge sums as grants from Christians.Yael Eckstein

He took citizenship of Israel in 2002 and settled down in Jerusalem wherein the later years he developed a multi-billion building and made it the new head office of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The organization, however, had other offices in different cities like Toronto, Chicago South Korea, etc.

Yael Eckstein’s IFCJ Aids Jews with Passover in Former Allied Soviet Union

The main driving force behind this objective was to honour the memory of former president of IFCJ Mr Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. As current president Yael Eckstein stated that Passover is a holiday to be celebrated with family. Hence, she wants to ensure the legacy of her father to continue in the best possible way. Yael Eckstein

She intends to move ahead with this plan in full force for expanding organisational activities and aid the masses. The organisation plans to help at least 120,000 Jewish families with food packages during Passover. Now, all this plan was fundamentally possible because of the helping of hand of numerous Christian friends from Israel and the tireless hard work of Miss Yael Eckstein.

Moreover, the Fellowship has tied up with various other charitable organisations in order to help as many Jewish families as possible. CHAMAH, American Jewish Distribution Committee, and many others have come together for providing aid to the Jewish people living in former Soviet Union.

The organisation with the others intends to distribute roughly around 37,000 food packages with 150,000 boxes containing matzah. They will also provide about 75,000 bottles of grape juice and wine. Now, each boxes estimated monetary value would be more than the average salary per month in Ukraine. Moreover, these packages will also be delivered to Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Belarus.Yael Eckstein

Miss Yael Eckstein will also help about 15,000 Jews from around 260 communities all over ex- Soviet Union to participate in various communal seder Passover Ceremonies. Simultaneously, the IFCJ will distribute clothing and payment cards to approximately 80,000 vulnerable members from society of Israel. These members primarily consists of lone soldiers, welfare families and economic assistance for elders.

Continuing on their objective of building bridges for fostering healthy relationships they vow to carry out this plan immaculately. In order to help out the necessary people in need and ensure betterment of the masses.