Book of the Month Club Mission Achieved Through Its New Format

There was a time when the name of legendary Book of the Month Club was erasing from the minds of the people in New York. When something becomes old, the process of obsoletion is initiated. There is always a generation gap due to non-compatibility between past and present generation, but this gap can be plugged by filling it with new concept and ideas like John Lippman did for Book of the Month Club. The Club embraces its mission of helping readers discover great new books since the times it commenced its business in 1926.

The idea of Lippmann for BOMC relaunch

John Lippmann acquired its parent company, Bookspan, in late 2012 and set out to create a new business that would appeal to readers who increasingly buy books online. The company originally had a mail-order business that was not appealing to the millennials and other young people who spend their most time on the internet. Amazon had already offered opportunity to them to buy books online. Lippmann had a plan of remake of Book of the Month Club when he bought this club. The new format was designed to create appeal to readers who increasingly buy books online.

The implementation of Lippmann’s idea

John Lippman shifted all present members of Book of the Month Club who had been receiving its mail-order catalogue to Bookspan’s Literary Guild club and initiated with the process of developing a new Book of the Month that exists only online. Potential customers receive membership offers through various social media channels and all ordering is done online. The new format of the Club has thus, redesigned customer experience that was the goal of relaunch of the Club that was accomplished through relaunch.

What BOMC members get from new format

What customers get from the new BOMC format? Apart from online selection, the members can choose until seventh of the month from five new selections announced by the club’s judges on the first of each month. The member would receive this selection as Book of the Month.



Take Vacations to reduce your Stress levels

If there is a way to improve your health and overall happiness then ultimately traveling is the right way. Studies suggest that taking a vacation have a positive influence on your body and brain. Many people travel as a way to relieve stress, perhaps travel is the best way to escape the same old life-cycle and enjoy life with a new perception in a much different aspect.

Reservations.comAlthough many people often take up business travel, this is not regarded as vacation or traveling because here, you are not going to get disconnected with the normal routine. In fact, business travels are more hectic and stressful however traveling for fun makes the difference. Since the advent of online booking, hotel reservations have become fairly easy.

Many customer friendly sites like offer greater convenience in making the total booking with a few clicks on your mouse. When you can Reservations.comget the best choice of hotel, eventually, you will get better service and a great travel experience. On the contrary, the wrong choice of hotel will leave you in hassle adding more stress to your vacation.

Proven Advantages of Taking Vacations

Travel increases your sense of happiness– When you plan a trip either as a couple or as a family, you will be more excited about the upcoming journey. In fact, a medical study shows that people are found happiest few times in their life, once when planning a vacation, getting married and having their first child. They experience a great sense of joy during those moments which eventually reduce their stress level.

Travel provides more relaxation to your mind– Inhaling fresh air increases oxygen in your blood and enhances more energy to your body and mind. In fact, spending a few hours in the outdoors elevates your mood and reduce stress.

How Technology Has Carved A Way For Books In The Modern World?

One of the best hobbies you can have is reading books. There is no doubt in the fact that when it comes to reading you can select from an enormous range of different subjects and areas. Also it will help you attain more knowledge with time.

No matter what the scenario is, one should always realize, the importance of the Technology with changing Times. Nowadays you can find Technology almost everywhere. It is one of the most essential reasons why the world of books could not stay apart for a long time.

People like John Lippmann have utilised these technological advancements to make the world a better place by helping it with books.

How has Technology help books?

Following are the various important things that Technology has come up with:

  • The subscription boxes:

The online world has got us an opportunity to the subscription boxes online. These are online sites that allow you to choose some books every month against a certain payment. People like John Lippmann have got you the opportunity.

  • The online libraries:

The online libraries are important for the people. These libraries help people access the best books that they want to read. The best part about these online libraries are, there are no set of rules to follow! Also you can access them at choice of your own hours!

  • The eBooks:

The ebooks are probably one of the best advancements you can find when it comes to reading books with ease and comfort. There is no doubt in the fact that with the ebooks you will not have to worry about storage and maintenance of the books. There are many devices that will help you read these books without a problem at all. The feasibility of storing these books is also an advantage.

These are some of the most important ways you can get through with the books that have been updated by technology. People like John Lippman have set an example of how to use technology!