AExpertise Areas of cardiothoracic surgeon Mr Roberto Casula

In the field of minimum invasive and minimum access cardiothoracic, Dr Roberto Casula is proficient and aims in conducting effective cardiac operations with the minimum invasion of chest in patients. In most cases, the usage of cardiopulmonary bypass instrument is avoided.

Roberto CasulaAt present, operations of the aortic valve can also be carried out in appropriate cases without using a CPB machine.

Advantages of using minimum invasive techniques

  • Good cosmetic advantage
  • Reduces the trauma of surgery, which is beneficial for a patient
  • Minimum or zero incisions of bone is required
  • Reduces the chances of blood transfusions
  • Reduces the usage of post-surgery pain killers
  • Faster chances of healing after surgery and more involvement in daily activities


  • As compared to traditional procedures, minimum invasive techniques are Roberto Casulatechnically challenging.
  • Well trained surgeons are needed with dedicatedly trained and learning curves
  • Expensive surgery because of surgical tools and technology

Some important points regarding robotic surgery

  • There are a few situations of patients where these techniques are not at all recommended. If any patient suffers from acute chest deformities, these techniques are avoided. During the first consultants, the surgeon checks the patient’s physical condition and then recommends procedures. Only an expert surgeon with good experience of years can give an exact opinion.
  • Robotic techniques are complex and require modern technologies for carrying out the operations. It is recommended not to choose any surgeon who does not holds years of experience on minimum invasive operations.
  • While visiting Mr Roberto Casula clinic for the first consultation anyone must produce medical reports related to coronary angiograms and echocardiograms.
  • A well-experienced minimum invasive surgeon can conduct a minimum invasive operation in the same expected time as of traditional surgeries.
  • Anyone must gather enough information regarding these techniques of robotic operation or minimal access before undergoing an operation as cardiac operations are one of the serious events in anyone’s life. One can ask for photocopies of the test result for consultation.

Global Demands Require Enough Resources

Rising Population

There are certain topics, that need urgent attention of the specialists and the active professionals. In order to sort out the increasing concerns, that can result in disasters if not taken care in time. Roberto Casula has been Roberto Casulacontinuously presenting the issue of conservative energy resources, that are going to finish if not drawn focus on to. He insists on creating the balance among the natural resources and the human requirements, at the quickest possible timeframe. As the future would be difficult if the needed resources would not be available at all. In fact, not difficult but impossible without any substitute.

Roberto Casula has been sincerely taking an initiative for the betterment of the whole society. That can be beneficial for the people in the long term, as energy resources are the lifeline of human beings without which it is not Roberto Casulapossible to survive. So he adopted an approach, that can spread awareness among the masses and look for the balanced approach to use the resources in the accurate and controlled ways. Since it is really hard to control climate changes and global warming, so the only thing lies in human control is the different activities that can result in limited usage.

Suffice Needs

Though it sounds easier than done, there is an urgent need to follow a few remedies by each contributor of humanity. Roberto Casula has been making people understand that the energy resources would not stay longer and there needs to be controlled use, to make the sources stay longer. For which, he has been planning and implementing his plans in the maximum possible manner. Since his aim is to make sure that the human needs can be fulfilled in future also, without falling into the scarcity of the essential resources.

How A Reputed Repair Service Deals with Your Faulty Smartphone

There are various types of addictions among modern generation such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, online gambling addiction, and mobile phone addiction. The last two are relatively new. The use of cellphones is quite addictive and is sometimes used by addicts of online gambling for betting games.

movilcrackA cellphone is the real ally of young generation in modern time because they also use it to recreate in idle time. You cannot think of living without this device, if you’ve this addiction. The cellphone has become essential part of life without which life appears to be blank to many people.

Smartphone is your personal secretary

Many people have dependence on smartphones for multiple tasks. They start their day by setting wake-up alarm on their device, and also view their scheduled activities for the day on this device. The smartphone acts like a personal secretary. You face problems when your personal secretary doesn’t come to office. What happens, if something goes wrong with your smartphone? It’s same like situation, working without personal secretary who plans everything for you.movilcrack

Solution for your faulty smartphone

You cannot hire and train a personal secretary immediately, but solution is available for your smartphone. If you’ve lost your smartphone, you can buy a new one, but won’t be able to retrieve your saved data on lost device. If your smartphone has gone faulty, you can get it repaired from a good service. Getting it repaired from Movilcrack will not keep you waiting for long time. This is a good service that offers perfect repairs within reasonable time.

How a reputed service deals with your faulty smartphone

You don’t need to worry about your smartphone’s health when you leave it to Movilcrack because this service will make thorough diagnosis of issues with your smartphone and will make the estimate cost of repair to seek your consent for repair. The company will then carry on with repair task. When repair is finished, your device will be checked for efficient performance before it is handed over to you.

How does IFCJ Ratings Make a Difference to Their Growth?

Founded by Rabbi Eckstein in the year 1983, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, also known to the world as IFCJ is one of the only four hundred charitable institutions that devote their work to make the relationship between Christians and Jews harmonious and make the condition of Israel better by supporting them.

IFCJ ratingsIFCJ is dependent on the donations made by voluntary donors who want to contribute to the cause and over the years IFCJ has reached a position where it collects over $125 million annually from 1.75 million donors. Statistics say that, IFCJ is also the largest Christian supported charitable body working towards Jews and Israel.

What are IFCJ ratings?

IFCJ ratingsThe reviews put in by independent individuals and third-party organizations form the basis of the ratings. The ratings give a clear idea about the working structure and a transparent look at the financial condition of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The ratings help donors decide the genuine nature of the work done by the organization and keep a track of where they spend the money collectively donated by all donors. With a deeper knowledge, it becomes easier for a donor to trust the organization and make future donations.

What are the importance of IFCJ ratings?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) believe in having a transparent image to its audience so that they can keep accountability for all the money they are spending which have been donated by their donors over the years. By giving a transparent access to the donors, they build a stronger trust of their donors with the fellowship and ensures that they keep continuing to get more donations for all future years.  The ratings along with the annual financial reports and the work done by the fellowship are the major reasons responsible for the success of IFCJ.