Works of IFCJ organization


            IFCJ is the charitable organization which was initiated by Yechiel Epstein with the purpose of helping the Jews and building cooperation and understanding between the Christians and Jews. The organization has established a number of programs for the welfare of the Jews. They help the needy families of Israel by offering them with food, medicine and shelter. Moreover, they also offer the medicines to the elderly people of Israel.IFCJ ratings

Works and reviews

            The IFCJ reviews explain about the Isaiah 58 which is the program of the organization. It offers food packages, medicines, hot meals-on wheel, home care, medicine, heating fuel, and much other basic necessity to 200000 elderly soviet Jews. This is a big number of help and feed and this is also offered to the Jewish orphans and the street children so that they can get enough care and get a bright future. The IFCJ ratings appreciate the stand for Israel program of the organization. IFCJ ratingsIt rallies the Christian leaders, churches and others to pray for peace and security. The organization aims to get involved with people in both political as well as spiritual manner on behalf of the Israel and Jewish people. It is done by encouraging them to pray for peace of Jerusalem.

            Is IFCJ a good charity? The answer can be achieved from the IFCJ rating. The organization is given the credit of being the second largest charitable organization in Israel. It is for the welfare of people and they specialize in distributing the right portion of donation at right place and for right purpose. If you wish to donate then this organization is worth your donation because of the good works done for the Jews. The Jews and Israeli people are getting the citizenship benefits because of the organization.