Robert Casula; a Brief about a Grate Environmentalist  

Robert Casula, has been the constant throughout the journey of Eni since 1988. He is working in the Italian oilfields just before he shifted to West Africa as the Chief Development Engineer. From the year 2004 to 2005, Casula has held a number of important positions in Eni.

The Company

Before he was appointed as the MD of ENI in the country of Libya in 2005. Until 2014, the company had three divisions. But for better integration of the company or the working of the company to take place, Robert Casula ENI abandoned the divisions. And the results were extraordinary. Cost efficiency and new R&D were well accepted.

Roberto Casula eni

Apart from the organization and the people Robert has always taken care of all. The innovation as well as the thousand brewing topics has been taken care of. ENI has been fully dependent on Robert Casula and he has been the track setting person for ENI.

The Interviews

In various interviews that Robert has given to MIT and others he has promised to deliver the best technologies as well as a cleaner and an affordable source of energy. He actually thinks for the environment and its quality-degradation and up gradation.

He had also impressed his ideas on a lot of fellow person. The dramatic act of reducing greenhouse gas emission and ultimately leading to solve the issue of climate change has brought light to an idea.

Robert has always fought for the right balance between the environment and the company’s motive. He never wanted to keep a high fetched dream but have always believed in keeping short and crisp goals which can easily be solved unanimously, like decreasing the world temperature.

He believes that energy is the real want of everyone and each one of them has an equal access to the consumption of energy which has to be provided to them, no matter what.