What Makes IFCJ One of the Best Nonprofit Organizations in Israel?

Among all the private organizations that have helped a lot in the overall development of the war-affected Israel, IFCJ is a name well-known in the global sector. Based in Chicago, USA, this philanthropic nonprofit institute has worked rigorously for the uplift of the vulnerable populace of the nation. Their primary aim is to make the relationship between the Christians and the Jews better and stronger. The basic features of this organization that make it popular are discussed below:

Foundation on a noble cause

The foundation of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews took place in 1983 when the Canadian Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein felt the need of an active group for carrying out his humanitarian missions. The primary aim of the rabbi was to reduce the hostility between the Christians and the Jews and to help the Jewish community in the countries where their existence faced troubles. According to the IFCJ reviews, Rabbi Eckstein was moved by the plight of the Jews in the war-affected Israel and wanted to do something effective for them. Under his supervision, the organization became successful in establishing a bond between the evangelists and the Jews.

Massive fund-raising and efficient services

The reason for which IFCJ ratings remain top-ranking is its ability to collect a huge amount of money for the help of the needy. Apart from collecting donations from the evangelical and other Christian humanitarian organizations, they have made use of modern technical methods such as television ads, campaigns, etc in order to receive funds. Their success in raising more than $140 million per year has been rewarded in a good IFCJ rating and they have been declared as being one of the largest philanthropic nonprofit organizations in Israel.

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Importance of Charity & Prominent Personalities in This Field

When we are keen to learn literature on benevolent causes and activities, there is no plethora of results on online sites. There is too much written and published about prominent individual donors, non-profit organizations, the fellowships like IFCJ, and communities or religions that believe and work for charitable causes. Charity is a broad term, not restricted to just monetary help but extending to activities that help in many other ways. The prominent example is World ORT that promotes education and training in communities worldwide.

Importance of charity and famous personalities in this fieldIFCJ

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is engaged in fundraising and World ORT and its national branches are engaged in charity in a different way. Yechiel Eckstein was an individual who spent his life to help others for charitable cause. Mother Teresa, a Nobel laureate and an unforgettable name in charity, was a Roman Catholic, but too much is discussed about her in Jewish literature. She didn’t have money, but was supported by prominent donors and organizations for her great charitable cause. Here comes the relevance of charity in Christianity and Judaism. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein were prominent figures in the field of Jewish charity.

What we learn from them

Mother Teresa is in the heart of everyone. The IFCJ reviews have plenty of information about the activities and efforts of Eckstein. Every personality engaged in the field of charity worked in his or her own way, but the mission was common, to help the poor and needy, either monetarily or otherwise. Rabbi Eckstein is a legendary figure, who will be remembered forever. The memories of Rabbi Eckstein are fresh after his death recently, but his memories will be a source of inspiration for many Jewish, Christians, and others to dedicate their life and wealth for benevolent causes. When future generations will learn from the history, the world will help the poor and needy to let them survive and grow.

A Tragic End of the Jewish Messiah – Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein  

We are leading our lives, but at some point of our time we forget to live life because we get busy leading our lives rather than living it to the fullest. We never know what is waiting for us in the next second; that is what life is all about, uncertainty! Recently we lost an eminent figure, Yechiel Eckstein on 7th of February, 2019.

Rabbi Eckstein was the founder of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, (IFCJ) and the foundation stone was laid in the year 1983 and according to the IFCJ reviews about $1.6 billion sum was raised by this foundation to aid the needy and the Israeli marginalized, the survivors of the holocaust, the less earning Israeli minority classes also including those of Arabs, Bedouins, and Druze.

The goodbye dayYechiel Eckstein

Yechiel died on Wednesday, 7th February and the grand funeral was held on Thursday, i.e. on 8th of February, 2019. The funeral service was conducted in Beit Shemesh’s Eretz HaChaim Cemetery. The service was attended by many eminent dignitaries like the David Friedman, the US Ambassador, and the former mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, besides Rabbi Berel Lazar, head of the iconic Chabad in Russia.

The people spoke at the service and Lazar was the first to give his eulogy, in which he spoke many great deeds of the eminent personality, who had dedicated his entire life in serving the low earning minorities of Israel. Secondly it was Yael, daughter of the deceased who spoke emotional words about her father, about how he had worked his entire life uplifting the lives of his people in need. It was a tragic night that ended the strings which the messiah had with his Jewish mates, a tragic tale of a tragic night made the Jewish people bid him at an age of 67!

Frailty assessment for cardiothoracic treatment procedures

Heart problems are of different types. Each one needs to be treated in different ways. The treatment procedures available include simple medications to complex heart surgery. The type of surgery that falls midway between the two procedures is the minimally invasive heart surgery meant for valve repairs and replacements. However, though there are standard procedures for the treatment of heart problems,  there are indeed certain factors to consider when you are treating elderly patients. Mr. roberto casula a cardiothoracic surgeon and consultant is actively involved in the research and publications in the field of frailty and cardiac surgery.

About frailty assessment

Roberto Casula

 Surgical treatment for heart problems without a doubt is highly risky. The risks involved include minor risks such as infections, stroke etc to major risks like mortality or death.  The increased life expectancy of the population, in general, has resulted in a corresponding increase in the average age of persons who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases that require surgical procedures. But, the problem that a surgeon would face when dealing with such old aged frail patients is that they would be highly vulnerable to minor stressors owing to age-related decline in their physical condition. The reason for the decline include factors such as  Apoptosis, senescence, repair, inflammation etc. that is why the American Heart Association has acknowledged the need for frailty assessment to distinguish aged patients who might benefit from intervention and those who might gain little or even be harmed by the aggressive procedures adopted for intervention.

The right consultant

 Reaching out to the right consultant like roberto casula who is involved in research and publications related to frailty and cardiac surgery would ensure that the aged patient is given the right advice. If at all intervention is suggested, you can be sure that the surgeon would do all that he should ensure that the risks are minimized and the patient does benefit from the cardiac surgery in a big way.

Robert Casula; a Brief about a Grate Environmentalist  

Robert Casula, has been the constant throughout the journey of Eni since 1988. He is working in the Italian oilfields just before he shifted to West Africa as the Chief Development Engineer. From the year 2004 to 2005, Casula has held a number of important positions in Eni.

The Company

Before he was appointed as the MD of ENI in the country of Libya in 2005. Until 2014, the company had three divisions. But for better integration of the company or the working of the company to take place, Robert Casula ENI abandoned the divisions. And the results were extraordinary. Cost efficiency and new R&D were well accepted.

Roberto Casula eni

Apart from the organization and the people Robert has always taken care of all. The innovation as well as the thousand brewing topics has been taken care of. ENI has been fully dependent on Robert Casula and he has been the track setting person for ENI.

The Interviews

In various interviews that Robert has given to MIT and others he has promised to deliver the best technologies as well as a cleaner and an affordable source of energy. He actually thinks for the environment and its quality-degradation and up gradation.

He had also impressed his ideas on a lot of fellow person. The dramatic act of reducing greenhouse gas emission and ultimately leading to solve the issue of climate change has brought light to an idea.

Robert has always fought for the right balance between the environment and the company’s motive. He never wanted to keep a high fetched dream but have always believed in keeping short and crisp goals which can easily be solved unanimously, like decreasing the world temperature.

He believes that energy is the real want of everyone and each one of them has an equal access to the consumption of energy which has to be provided to them, no matter what.

Best Place to Dine for A Vegetarian: Vegan or Vegetarian Restaurant?

The concepts of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are very popular for long time. In between them, a new concept of vegan foods has also emerged. For non-vegetarians, there’s not a problem when they dine outside their home in some events or restaurants because they have no bar of eating anything. They can eat meats and animal-derived foods, and they can also eat all plant-derived foods like vegetarian people.

Is Vegetarian restaurant apt for veg dining

vegan restaurants

The main problem in outside dining is faced by vegetarian people. They are afraid of dining in restaurants that serve both veg and non-veg dishes, especially the people who are pure vegetarians, and they prefer to make their entry only into vegetarian restaurants. The important question is how far restaurants marked for vegetarian people serve their customers absolutely vegetarian foods. There’s a marked difference between the two terms “vegetarian” and “pure vegetarian”, but most people are not familiar with this difference. For them, a tag of vegetarian restaurant is sufficient to understand that this place is apt for their dining.

Pure vegetarians have limitations

Let’s understand an important aspect. A vegetarian restaurant will never serve dishes made from animal meat, but serving animal-derived products is a common practice in many such restaurants. For instance, eggs are also used in preparation of many vegetarian dishes to make them delicious. Most semi-vegetarian people eat these dishes, but for pure vegetarian people, this is a limitation. Let’s consider another category of restaurants in vegetarian category, called vegan restaurants. These are places to dine for pure vegetarian people.

Right place to dine by pure vegetarians

The above discussion clarifies the exact difference between a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, and suggests the right place to dine by pure vegetarian people. You can find restaurants serving dishes for vegan people in many parts of the globe in modern time. If you are a real vegetarian, then a vegan restaurant is the best place to dine compared to a traditional vegetarian restaurant.

Effectiveness of Weight Reduction from Various Methods

There are various methods of weight reduction. Most people believe in starvation or strenuous workouts as a part of their weight loss program. Changes in diet and exercise plan are positive as a part of any weight loss program but to a limited extent. Neither diet reduction nor exercise can alone work effectively for weight loss. There are certain factors to be considered for effective weight loss. For instance, understanding family genetics and body metabolism are important because these two factors have strong impact on body weight. Besides, lifestyle and foods habits are also important factors.

Tailor-made vs readymade weight loss plan

Jennifer Hudson weight lossAn effective weight loss program is designed considering all important factors for body weight reduction. Thus, a tailor-made plan is always better compared to a ready-made plan because the former is based on individualistic pattern. An effective weight loss program is a combination of important factors and sometimes combination of different methods. No plan can offer instant weight loss, and this claim, if made, is false. Truly, the effectiveness of a weight loss plan is determined from gradual consistent weight reduction over next few weeks after first week of initiation.

Weight loss tips, secrets and pills

Oscar winning Hollywood celebrity tells her true story of weight loss; she lost 80 pounds over years and reduced her size from 16 to 6, but this was not the way most people do. This is encouraging for anyone who wish to lose his or her in the way Jennifer did. Jennifer Hudson weight loss program has some tips and secrets for weight watchers. You can read and follow these tips and secrets for your effective weight reduction. The foremost important thing is to select the program which really works. Diet supplement pills have been controversial for long time, but they can be used effectively. The cheaper supplement pills won’t work but selecting the best diet pill is an effective remedy for weight loss.