Enjoy Your Life Painless

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SHSU Ring Wraps: Reflecting the Enhanced Tradition

The journey to become a university graduate is not so easy for many students. For Some students, a period of four and two years usually for under-graduation and graduation respectively seems to be never-ending because they are not actively engaged in their studies, but it’s a matter of their career, and the future associated with the career. SHSU ring wrapsBeing graduate is a big relief for most students as burden of studies in eased. The universities also feel pride to graduate their students every year. Some universities also honor their graduating students on their success.

What’s SHSU class ring

The tradition of class ring set by the Sam Houston State University is an example of honoring their graduating students. The University commenced this tradition in 2004, and honored a large number of graduates in these 15 years. The SHSU students graduated during these fifteen years got a privilege of receiving this honor. SHSU ring wrapsEvery year, graduating students receive this honor and also participate in events under SHSU Traditions and Trivia. This is an additional charm of class ring tradition that brings entertainment apart from honor that a student deserves.

Attraction of the ring wraps

A class ring is a tradition, and tradition never change, but a style of following the tradition may change in the years to come. This has happened with the SHSU class ring tradition also. The scenario has changed because new generations like dynamicity. They never wanted to change the tradition, but an enhancement in the style. Thus, a new form of class ring emerged. The newness came in the form of SHSU ring wraps that became attraction of the students. Today, you can find ring wraps in original, cascade, and mini cascade style, and in a lot of variety. The students love to choose their favorite custom design and customize the traditional class ring to look it more aesthetic and fulfilling.

The Remarkable Accomplishments Of Blake Orlandi In The World Of Bookselling

Blake Orlandi may not be well-known outside the world of subscription-based e-commerce, but he and John Lippman, CEO of Book of the Month Club are revolutionizing the way books are sold in the United States of America. Blake Orlandi is the COO of Book of the Month Club, joining the company in 2015 and helping to lead one of the more impressive corporate turnarounds in retail.  While Sears, JC Penney and other famous brands from the turn of the 20th century struggled in the 21st, Book of the Month Club is enjoying a popularity and resurgence few thought possible just a few years ago.

According to a McKinsey report, “the subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100 percent a year over the past five years. The largest such retailers generated more than $2.6 billion in sales in 2016, up from a mere $57.0 million in 2011.”  Fueled by venture capital and private equity, here are now subscription-based commerce companies offering beer, wine, prepared lunch and dinners, cosmetics, shaving razors, socks, pet food, underwear and much more.  But the granddaddy of subscription-based commerce has gotten a facelift of late and is now poised to reclaim its position as one of the most successful retail marketing concepts of all time.

Book of the Month

The Book of the Month Club was established back in the year 1926 by Harry Scherman. Based in New York, it is now primarily an online e-commerce company that serves up an offering of five different books to its members to choose from on a monthly basis.

Blake Orlandi joined the Book of the Month Club in September of 2015 as the COO (Chief Operating Officer). He leads a team of 45 hard-working men and women passionate about books and reading and guides the team in strategizing and expanding the business to reach out to more new readers.

After he joined the Book of the Month Club, Orlandi and the executive team brought to Book of the Month Club new and fresh ideas to transform the company for a new generation of book lovers, and restore the company to its heyday when it had nearly 550,000 subscribers. 

There are millions of books in print, and having a team of experts curating the best of the bunch saves customers time, money and in this hyperconnected world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter creates a community where people can talk about why they love what they are reading.

Book of the Month Club

Blake Orlandi received his undergraduate education at University of Pittsburgh and his MBA from Harvard University.  Prior to joining Book of the Month Club, Blake Orlandi worked at Evergreen Copyrights and Deloitte Consulting.  He also served on the Board of Directors for Every Child, Inc. helping at-risk youth.



Tips to wear a class ring

A class ring is a piece of jewelry that is worn by the students in the alumni as an honor of completing their high school, college or university education or even the military academy. There are many online stores which are customizing the class rings as per the university or college student requirements. These are available in different styles, designs and colors. You can choose the one that reflects about your school or college. shsu class ringMany students will personalize these rings by having one side of the ring with the name of the college and the other side with the year and degree they have completed successfully. The class rings will be different for both male and female students. However, the person who is wearing this shsu class ring will follow etiquette in public.

Here are a few tips to wear this shsu class ring

Consult the designer of the ring: You can get in touch with the ring designer when you have any doubts related to the ring design. There are many schools and universities which have tied up with the few ring designers who would craft the rings either using gold or silver material or the sales representatives of these stores will answer your queries about the etiquettes to buy the best ring that showcases your academic success.shsu class ring

Research thoroughly about the customs and traditions of the college: You should do research on the customs and traditions of the college thoroughly. There is a different practice on how to wear these rings. This differs from college to college. There are a few colleges which will ask its seniors and junior students to wear the ring in a particular direction until the commencement day.

Wear the class ring on right hand: You can wear this to the right finger on your right hand so that the left ring figure would be free to adorn your engagement ring.

Titanium Enhances Military’s Operational Efficiency

Our earth has abundance of natural resources, but we are unaware of their presence in the earth’s crust. Many discoveries have been made in the past couple of centuries. Titanium (Ti) was not known until end of the 18th century before its discovery. Titanium came to be one of the precious elements found in the earth’s crust. Ti tubeTitanium may not be as precious as gold in terms of the money value, but its performance value is much more than gold, especially for the industries that make use of this element for various applications. Titanium is, in fact, more demanded metallic element than any other metallic element.

In what way, titanium is efficient element

The first isolation of this element from its ore ilmenite was done in 1910 by an amateur chemist who was successful in isolating an oxide of titanium in impure form. The extraction of titanium from its ore is a tough affair, and it’s expensive, but its applicability such as making of Ti tube is created after extraction. It is used in both light and heavy applications, and as better substitute of steel or any other material for equipment construction. The credit goes to the properties of titanium such as high-strength, low-weight material with high corrosion resistance.

Titanium enhances military’s operational efficiency

Ti tubeThe use of titanium is prominent in civil and military applications. The development of Ti tube has offered strength and easy transportability to military equipment. Titanium and titanium alloys are stronger and lighter compared to that of steel, and also keep them free from maintenance work. Every country contributes substantial portion of national budget in strengthening its defence system. Titanium enhances the operational efficiency of military equipment and thus, making efficient utilization of defence budget.


Military equipment such as armor plating, missiles, aircraft parts, naval ships, and many more using Ti tube contribute to strengthening of defence mechanism. This also strengthens military forces and offer better protection to the country.

The Horned frog and its unique traditions

When it comes to the question of mascots, it may seem a tad quixotic that the Texas Christian University has the horned frog as one. in reality, the University mascot happens to be the horned lizard but over the years, it had managed to get a name change. The horned frog is the official mascot of this prestigious University, and it certainly comes with its own share of strange and quixotic traditions; and if you are planning to enroll in this University, you should naturally want to take a closer look at some of those traditions and what they stand for.texas christian university class ring

The howdy ceremony:

The University awards students with the Texas Christian University class ring after they have qualified for the same. But before that, the new incoming freshmen are often greeted by their seniors during a simple ceremony called the Howdy ceremony where they are each awarded with a chain containing a replica of the Texas Christian University Class ring. The replica should motivate each student to try and work hard so as to meet the basic qualifications, for the class ring. It certainly helps to foster the spirit of comradeship between the students and the rest of the University.

The ring presentation:

texas christian university class ring The University sets up a special ceremony, a ring day, to award qualified students with the prestigious Texas Christian University Classring. If you have qualified for the same, you would be required to present yourself with your family and loved ones, to proudly receive the ring, as your name is called out. Live at the TCU campus is indeed a worthwhile experience as the students learn a lot more about the world and the TCU way of life. Furthermore, the University with its unique traditions and programs such as the Fall concert, helps to bring the student body together.

The Tie-Up with IFCJ Looks Promising For Several Impoverished Jews of Soviet Union

The need for a charity program dedicated to the Jewish community was becoming more and more critical as they were getting detached from mainstream society due to lack of financial strength. The torture faced by the community is known to every one of us from the movies based on world war; this particular group of people never wholly recovered from that horrific experience.IFCJ

This saw the birth of IFCJ under the leadership of Rabbi Epstein who wanted to do something good for his people. The Jewish and Christian community never saw eye to eye due to the long-standing mistrust between them. The program did some exceptional work to bridge the gap and bring the two communities together than they previously were.

The partnership with JDC:

The fellowship program expanded its horizon and started working for the betterment of the Jewish people across the globe. The rehabilitation program in the former Soviet Union and certain African countries gained a lot of popularity over the years. Recently, IFCJ partnered with JDC to help the estranged Jews in the former Soviet Union with food, shelter, and medicine. The people who are still living in the former Soviet Union needed some severe financial backing to maintain a basic standard of living.

 The reported budget for the program is in the region of 50 million US dollars which can help thousands of impoverished Jews living in the country. The official website of JDC archived several stories of elderly Jewish people with the story of how financial aid enabled them to improve their living condition.IFCJ

The controversy involving IFCJ:

The IFCJ has several other commitments across the globe to help impoverished Jews around the world, but even they brushed with controversy a few years back. The famed Rabbi was accused of money laundering, but all the reports were thrown out due to lack of evidence.

Advantages of Online Booking System: Facts You Need to Know

Every hotel across the world has a professional goal of selling as many rooms as possible and makes a handsome profit. Before the arrival of internet, a person had to rely on phone calls and walk-ins to make a reservation. Which was not only complex but was also hectic. With the advent of technologies, an online site for reservation has become a necessity.

Hence let’s give you a fair bit of knowledge regarding the advantages of a booking website:

Reservations.comWorking 24/7

Online booking sites, like reservation.com work throughout the days and months. It gives a viewer the flexibility of checking the available hotels at his or her leisure.

Hassle-Free Procedure

You don’t need to visit hotels and book a room like the older days. All you need to do now is have a Wi-Fi network so that you can use the internet to log into the booking website. You can easily book a hotel with a few minutes and that too with the best offers which the online booking sites keep providing from time to time.

Payments are smooth

Reservations.comOne significant impact which the internet has created all across the world is the cut down of time. Nowadays starting from payment of electricity bills to hotel bookings can be done much faster and easier. All you need to have is a credit or a debit card, and you can book a hotel within a few minutes.

Choose the ideal hotel

All the online booking sites give you multiple hotel options. It assists you in finding the most affordable hotels which suit your budget expenses. Moreover, you can get detailed information regarding your choice of rooms. You can even have an idea about a hotel, after going through the review sections.

Hopefully, these above section will give you a proper idea regarding advantages and importance of online booking system in this current scenario.

The designation and growing fame of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein father of Yael Eckstein became the president of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews after he founded the same in the year 2016 in Jerusalem. Since then the foundation has collected a huge sum of money from people especially with Christianity background who were in favor of Israelis going through a crisis.Yael Eckstein

The sum raised by the organization was more than 1.5 billion Dollars. This brought the evangelical Christians living abroad closer to the Israelis. He died at the age of 67 and his position was filled by his daughter Yael Eckstein. The death of the legendary identity was declared by his philanthropic organization, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

This organization founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was built for a generous cause and was a non-profitable organization that grew to become one of the largest in Israel. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was a social activist and a Zionist. His followers and close relatives and friends described him as a bridge builder.

The fame and designation of Rabbi in future became the title of a biography authorized and published in the year 2015. The Jews were not clear about the motives and intentions of Christians who contributed largely to the organization of the Israelis.

At that time the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews cleared all confusion and doubts from the mind of people and gradually started raising huge sums as grants from Christians.Yael Eckstein

He took citizenship of Israel in 2002 and settled down in Jerusalem wherein the later years he developed a multi-billion building and made it the new head office of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The organization, however, had other offices in different cities like Toronto, Chicago South Korea, etc.

Yael Eckstein’s IFCJ Aids Jews with Passover in Former Allied Soviet Union

The main driving force behind this objective was to honour the memory of former president of IFCJ Mr Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. As current president Yael Eckstein stated that Passover is a holiday to be celebrated with family. Hence, she wants to ensure the legacy of her father to continue in the best possible way. Yael Eckstein

She intends to move ahead with this plan in full force for expanding organisational activities and aid the masses. The organisation plans to help at least 120,000 Jewish families with food packages during Passover. Now, all this plan was fundamentally possible because of the helping of hand of numerous Christian friends from Israel and the tireless hard work of Miss Yael Eckstein.

Moreover, the Fellowship has tied up with various other charitable organisations in order to help as many Jewish families as possible. CHAMAH, American Jewish Distribution Committee, and many others have come together for providing aid to the Jewish people living in former Soviet Union.

The organisation with the others intends to distribute roughly around 37,000 food packages with 150,000 boxes containing matzah. They will also provide about 75,000 bottles of grape juice and wine. Now, each boxes estimated monetary value would be more than the average salary per month in Ukraine. Moreover, these packages will also be delivered to Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Belarus.Yael Eckstein

Miss Yael Eckstein will also help about 15,000 Jews from around 260 communities all over ex- Soviet Union to participate in various communal seder Passover Ceremonies. Simultaneously, the IFCJ will distribute clothing and payment cards to approximately 80,000 vulnerable members from society of Israel. These members primarily consists of lone soldiers, welfare families and economic assistance for elders.

Continuing on their objective of building bridges for fostering healthy relationships they vow to carry out this plan immaculately. In order to help out the necessary people in need and ensure betterment of the masses.